Welcome dear visitor, today i will be sharing with you guys some basic Computer Related Words which will be of help to you as a computer science student.

Application: Another word for program. Some examples of applications are Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet explorer, Front page and Access.

Bit: The smalllest unit of information handled by a computer. One byte is comprised of 8 bits.
Boot: To start up the computer. During this process, the computer is loading the operating system and performing a series  of tests to ensure that all components are functioning properly.
Browser:  An application that enables you to view images, hear sounds, run videos and animations of WorldWide Web pages on the internet. The two most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explrer and Netscape Navigator.
Bug: An error in the hardware or software of thhe computer. Sometimes, the computer can assist with fixing the bug. Other times, you may have to seek the assistance of of a repair technician.
Byte: The amount of space needed to represent  a single character. One byte is comprised of 8 bits. One keyboard character equals one byte. 

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Cache: A temporary  storage area of the computer’s memory where frequently accessed data is kept. Caching helps to sspeed up the operation of frequently performed tasks.
CD-ROM: Compact disc-Read Only Memory. A high capacity storage device capable of holding up to 650 megabytes of data(the equivalent of 500 floppy disks or 300,000 pages of text. The information stored on a CD-ROM cannot be altered or edited. A CD-ROM drive must be installed on the computer in order to use a CD-ROM.
CPU: Central Processing Unit The ”brains” of the Computer. An electronic device comprised of millions of electronic components that carry out basic functions on your computer. You will not actually be able to see when these functions are being performed.
Click: To press and release a mouse button quickly in order to make a selection or perform an action. When ”click” is used as a command , it usually refers to pressing the left button once.

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Desktop: Your ”work space” area. The area visible on the monitor screen where you can place shortcut icons such as applications, files, folders and peripherals; after the computer completes its boots process, the desktop will display.
Dialog box: A window that will display a message or prompt you to make a selection. Some kind of action must be taken before the dialog box will close and permit you to continue working.
Drop-down list: A listof options that will display when you click on a downward facing arrow.
E-mail: Electronic mail. Messages that are sent and received between computers using the internet.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Gigabyte: Equal to 1,024 megabytes = 1,024,000 kilobytes = 1,024,000,000.
Hard disk: A storage area housed inside of the computer used to save files for future use. Hard disks on on new computers are capable of storing many gigabytes of data.
Hyperlink (Link): The means by which internet users move among different bits of information on World Wide Web pages. The mouse pointer will change to a pointing hand when it is rolled over a hyperlink . Hyperlinks can be words , pictures, or other symbols. Word hyperlinks can be identified by by their blue underlined text. 
Internet Service Provider(ISP): A company or service that provides subscribers with a connection to the internet. A fee is typically charged for internet connection services.
Operating System: The software that runs, monitors, and controls every function performed on a computer. Microsoft windows is the operating system that runs most personal computers.
Peripheral: An external hardware component tht is typically attached to the computer’s system unit case, such as the keyboard, mouse, pinter, monitor, scanner, etc.

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