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Newly discovered: How to download youtube videos easily.

How to download youtube videos easily.
I’m sure many people have been longing  to or have wished they could download some of the videos they watch on youtube into their phone; especially for reference purposes and to save data. Yes ,you will be able to do it after reading this post.
Today I will be sharing with my blog readers a post on How to download youtube videos directly to your mobile phone. Below are the steps:

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1.) Go to youtube website which is www.youtube.com
2.) Search for the video of your choice on the website i.e look for the search bar, type the name of the video in it and click search button.
3.) After clicking search button,  the video will be displayed. Click on the particular video you searched for.
4.) Now, copy the URL of the video. This is how to copy it: Go to the URL of the video by moving up (scroll up to your address bar), click on the address, click on it again till it turns blue (highlighted), select the copy button above the address bar. You have just copied the URL.See image below.

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5.) Now go to savefrom.net , after loading the site, it will show you a bar to paste your copied link to. Paste your link in the bar and click on the green go arrow.
6.) After clicking the green arrow, the page will load and you will see the video. Click on download and that’s all. You can also select the video format of your choice in the drop down menu located at  the right of the download button.

Tested and working perfectly.

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