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MUST READ: List of Illegal Degree Awarding Universities in Nigeria by National Universities Commission(NUC).

List of Illegal Degree Awarding Universities in Nigeria by National Universities Commission(NUC).

This is a vital information that Students and Parents /Guardians must be aware of. TemmyPhilz Blog will be doing a good job by informing the public that the National Universities Commission(NUC) has released  a list of illegal degree awarding Universities in Nigeria. Check out the list below:
1.) Theological University, Gospel Missionary Foundation(GMF), Lagos State.

2.) West African Union University in conjunction with International Professional College of Administration, Science and Technology, Nigeria.

3.) Kaduna Business School, Kaduna.

4.) University of Industry, Yaba, Lagos.

5.) University of Applied Sciences and Management, Port Novo, Republic  of Benin and its other Campuses in Nigeria.

6.) Coastal University, Awka, Ibom State.

7.) University of West Africa, Abuja.

8.) Career Light Resources Centre, Jos.

9.) Evangel University of America and Chudick Management Academic, Lagos.

10.) Pacific Western University, Denver Colorado, Owerri Study Centre.

11.) Cape Coast University, Ghana, operating in Nigeria.

12.) University of Accountancy and Management Studies, Mowe, Lagos State.

13.) National University of Technology, Lafia, Nassarawa State.

14.) Temple University, Abuja.

15.) Federal College of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Abuja.

16.) Olympic University, Nsukka, Enugu.

17.) Southend University, Rivers State.

18.) Metro University, Abuja.

19.) Lead Way University, Ugheli, Delta State.

20.) Middle Belt University, Otukpo.

21.)  Open International University, Akure.

22.) Royal University, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

23.) Atlanta University, Kogi State or any of its campuses in Nigeria.

24.) United Christian University, Imo State.

25.) Samuel Ahmadu University, Benue State.

26.) UNESCO University, Rivers State.

27.) Saint Augustine’s University of Technology. Plateau State.

28.) Atlas University, Akwa Ibom State.

29.) Concept College/Universities, Ilorin.

30.) Halifax GateWay University, Ikeja or any of its campuses in Nigeria.

31.) Kingdom of Christ University, Abuja or any of its campuses in Nigeria.

32.) Acada University, Oyo state.

33.) Filfom University, Imo state.
Note: Anyone who obtains certificate from any of the above mentioned institution does so at his/her own risk as the certificate will not be considered for employment purposes, NYSC program, etc.
Source: myschoolgist.com , nuc.edu.ng

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