Home GENERAL TOPICS Poisonous: See why you should not eat Apple seeds.

Poisonous: See why you should not eat Apple seeds.

Poisonous: See why you should not eat Apple seeds.

Apple is a fruit that is rich in taste and nutrition, it is loved and eaten by all, both the old and young. When it comes to Apple consumption, there is a particular problem which people are ignorant about.

According to report, there was a very recent murder case in Australia where an Indian woman killed her husband by giving him crushed Apple seeds. She & her lover have been convicted and sentenced for 22 years & 25 years in prison. Apple seeds ae poisonous because they contain Amygdalin which converts to Cyanide when the seeds are chewed or crushed. I made research and was surprised to find that Cyanide is a highly toxic substance, it kills when consumed in large quantity. This is also a reason why insects hardly eat an apple crop. They know instinctively maybe. Please ensure that the seeds are removed before eating apples. Children should not be given a whole apple, instead cut, remove the seeds before giving it to them. There is no doubt about this information.

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