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An Interview with Alabi Temitope Moses, a Gospel Artist.

An Interview with Alabi Temitope Moses, a Gospel Artist.

Alabi Temitope Moses popularly known as “Temitope” is a fast rising Gospel Singer & Songwriter with a unique sound. His music has been said among many to have blessed them greatly and is still blessing lives. Quite influencing, known for his popular “What would he say?” and “Avenue” songs.
Kindly read through the interview/conversations we had with Alabi Temitope Moses yesterday:

Morning sir!

— Thank you for having me.

The pleasure is mine.

So, How long have you been doing music, and how long professionally?

  — Well, professionally I have been doing music for 5 years but how long have I been into music?? Hun it goes way back. I was about 7 or 8 years of age when I joined the church choir, that early. Everyone at that time saw prospects. My mum, God bless her soul, she always wanted me to sing, she loved it when I sing to her. School choir, watching my uncles rehearse after school, church choir and all actually birthed my interest in music. I didn’t know it was God ordering my steps. Music for me I’d say is something I have always had inside of me and I do every time. I could as well say I have been doing music all my life. My first single was in 2015, then, I knew nothing, now I have grown a little, still learning, I like to tell myself I know nothing still.

Are you a signed artist? 

— No, actually I am not signed. I work on my own for now with the help of God. I’m looking forward to being signed to a label I can work with soon but before then I’ll keep working alone.

What Genre of Gospel music is your style?

— Well, my style of music cut across a lot of genres. I would say I’m not restricted to any. And I don’t discriminate whatever genre’s out there as long as it glorifies God. For me, it could be RnB, Soul, Rock, etc 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

— Lol, I see myself everywhere man. Everywhere God has planned for me to be. I’m equipped with his Grace.

Are you in a relationship?

— No, I’m not


— Well, let’s say I’m waiting on God, waiting for the right time and the right woman.

Okay, so What should we expect in the nearest future?

— A lot. Expect a lot from me, I have some big projects coming up, so many songs to bless your heart. I’ll be dropping some few songs sooner than expected. Then expect more and more after that.

Who are the musicians you look up to?

— A long list From Travis Greene, Todd Dulaney, Jonathan McReynolds to Frank Edwards, Pst Nathaniel Bassey, Kenny K’ore and alot of them. They’ve been blessing me since forever they’ve found a way you create their niche and maintained it so I look up to them big time.

What do you have to say to your fans and upcoming acts like you?

— To my fans, please keep listening to my music, keep sharing, keep supporting me, keep praying for me. We look so little now but we shall definitely grow. You guys have brought me this far, I love and appreciate you. And to my colleagues, please don’t relent, keep the fire burning, support each other and grow together. The sky is the beginning, don’t leave God out of the picture, he will set your path right.

Thank you very much for your time Mr. Alabi Temitope Moses.

Some of Temitope’s songs includes:

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